Whose King Do You Serve?

June 26th, 2012

RG AUDIO 0626121 Samuel 8:10-22

This whole journey of God’s people causes me to bow down inside and be so very grateful that I was born on this side of the cross. The day finally came when God decided that man in the flesh would never be enough without a Savior; without the indwelling Spirit to be our guide, our teacher, and our own best friend. One who finds and saves us when we are lost. One who holds us up when we cannot walk on our own. One who mends us when we are broken. One who loves us like no one has ever loved us before.

He gives us courage to face our fears and take risks for God. He let’s us know there is no end to his grace and never will be. He teaches me that I am never alone because the true I AM lives inside of me.

Whose king do you bow down to? Is there anything or anyone in the way of keeping you from living for and worshiping the true and authentic God?



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