Making The Right Impression

May 27th, 2012

Isaiah 44:1-8RG AUDIO 052712

When I was a child and teenager, I would come home from school or in from playing and hear my mom at the sink praying for each of her children and my dad by name. Over the years I have thought about that sight. There was nothing more important to mom than the salvation and happiness of her family. That made an indelible impression on me that has lasted throughout my life.

“The Bible tells us to impress the commands of God upon our children–inculcate his values. Teaching our children is not a collection of clever homilies, but a lifestyle . . . thousands of individual impressions that shape the values and beliefs of our children” (Patrick M. Morley).*

How do we make those lasting impressions?

·               Be available to your children at home and away.

·               Build their self-esteem.

·               Let them hear you pray; see you read the Bible; attend church with them; allow them to observe your integrity.

·               Help them to make a decision for Christ

God loves your children and will love them through you!

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