An Expert Witness

May 25th, 2012

Acts 2:25-36RG AUDIO 052512

It was the early 1980s Derl was pastor of a church in one of the Chicago suburbs. When called to the church no one told him that the church was under a lawsuit for an incident that occurred at the daycare seven years earlier. A little girl had been playing under a tree and ran into a branch causing partial damage to the eye. The parents sued the church. The case wound itself through the lower courts and was now headed to the Federal court and a jury in downtown Chicago–at Christmas.

Witnesses for both sides were called, some of them “expert” witnesses. The job of the witnesses was to convince the jury what was true and what was false. At the end of the trial the jury believed the witnesses for the church and acquitted them from all guilt.

Jesus came to give his life for me. When I asked him into my life I discovered that he forgave me of my sins and changed my life. I want to be an “expert” witness for Christ so that others can find the exhilarating joy of sins forgiven!


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