Overcoming Sour Trouble

May 22nd, 2012

John 16:25-33RG AUDIO 052212

My father loved country western music. As a truck driver he was up very early in the morning getting ready for work. Dad cranked up the volume on his record player. The sound vibrated throughout every corner, including my bedroom. Pulling the covers over my head I thought I could drown out the sound. Wrong! Country singers “twanged” their nasal songs as the sound snaked under my covers. One of those songs was a Harlen Howard classic published in 1959 with Ray Price belting out the lyrics to a tune titled, “Heartaches by the Number.” It was about a love gone sour.

There are a lot of heartaches in this life. Satan uses emotions, experiences, and emptiness to destroy our relationship with each other and with God. On the other hand, God’s love never goes sour. Jesus flatly said that there would be heartache and trouble, but the one constant is him.

Let Jesus help you overcome the disappointments in life.

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