Is Your Jar Full?

May 18th, 2012

Acts 1:1-8RG AUDIO 051812

Several years ago I watched a speaker demonstrate how the Holy Spirit can fill the life of a believer. He placed a large clear jar on a table. Into it he placed large rocks to the brim. He asked, “Is the jar full?” The response from the audience was, “yes.” Then he took pebbles and poured them into the jar, and they slid down and around the rocks. Again, the speaker asked, “Now, is the jar full?” Again, the audience responded, “yes.” Taking a container of sand he poured it over the rocks and pebbles and still the jar received the sand. Asking the question again, “Now, is the jar full?” The congregation responded, “yes.” Water glasses were brought in and poured over the whole contents, and still there was room.

In our lives, crowded as they are with work, concerns, family, church services, secular events, study, there still remains room for the inflowing presence of the Holy Spirit. He gives us his refreshing Spirit to carry on with life to its fullest.


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