Follow His Instructions

May 11th, 2012

John 21:1-14RG AUDIO 051112

Have you ever had days when you wanted to throw your computer out the window, and go back to the simplicity of a pen and paper? I have worked for countless hours trying to solve a computer problem. When I was about ready to give up, my assistant would calmly walk up behind me and offer a simple suggestion that fixed everything. It can be very humbling, and makes me realize how much I need to learn yet about the growing field of computer technology.

Jesus’ disciples had toiled all night and not caught a thing. So, when they heard the voice coming from the beach telling them to throw their net on the other side they probably felt they had nothing to lose. They followed his direction and much to their surprise the nets yielded 153 fish! To their credit the disciples were wise enough to know that something miraculous had just happened.

Jesus is still calling out to his disciples, giving instructions. When we give up on our foolish attempts and follow his ways life takes on an abundance that is beyond our imagination!


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