He Has Risen

April 24th, 2012

RG AUDIO 042412Luke 24:25-35

Jesus rose from the dead with a body that could be seen. He could also disguise himself so as not to be recognized. He could be touched. He could also disappear from sight at will. He who once walked on water now walked through walls, or leaned against them, as he chose. He could eat food. It is not certain that he needed to eat food to live, but he was not a ghost.

The disciples were amazed, overjoyed, terrified, comforted, skeptical, or mystified in turn at each appearance of the risen Lord. After several of these post-resurrection appearances they became convinced of a few basics about Jesus:  First, it was him. His body had new powers, but his spirit and character were the same. Second, he would never die again. The enemies who had so viciously plotted his crucifixion were helpless before this power. And third, he was beyond temptation. Sin would remain in the world until the end, but could no longer even tempt Christ. He had died for sin. He was beyond temptation. He had become glorified.


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