It’s Not Magic!

April 15th, 2012

RG AUDIO 041512Matthew 27:62-66; 28:11-16

Magicians or illusionists are a mystery to me. If they are really good, I can never figure out how they do it. But, when they aren’t good, that is another story. No matter how hard they try, if the cards are not really hidden or the box not quite sealed, it is not impressive.

In Matthew 27, the chief priests and Pharisees were afraid there might be some magic done to the body of Jesus in the tomb. They knew the prophecy that Jesus would be resurrected after three days. They believed it was a story created by Jesus and his disciples. They wanted to ensure he stayed right where he was. Pilate gave clear instructions. Go and secure that tomb. Make sure no one can get in or out. A large stone was put in front of the tomb and guards posted. No magician could make Jesus come alive now. No disciples could even get near his lifeless body.

And yet, he was gone. The prophecy was not just a story. The tomb is empty!

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