An Invitation & A Gift

April 11th, 2012

RG AUDIO 041112Matthew 22:1-14

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t want? Maybe it was a sweater that you will never wear, or a serving platter that doesn’t fit in any of your cupboards. You could simply say “thank you” and put it in a closet out of the way. You could say you don’t want it and give it back. You could take it to a resale shop and get some money out of it. Finally, you could appreciate the gift because of the giver and use it.

In Matthew 22, the parable illustrates invitations being sent out for a wedding banquet. The original guests had turned down the invitation. They were even given a second invitation, explaining the generosity of the king, but the offer was rejected again. Next the invitation was given to people on the street, good or bad. They all came.

How have you received the invitation to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Is this a gift that you have fully embraced and accepted? Are you enjoying the abundant life Jesus wants you to have? Celebrate the gift today!

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