The Upside-Down Kingdom

March 27th, 2012

RG AUDIO 032712Mark 12:1-12

Have you ever noticed how Jesus “turns the tables” on the way we humans normally think?

  • The poor widow whose two pennies was a greater gift than the large amounts given by the “fat cats.”
  • His conversation with the Samaritan woman was directly contrary to prevailing cultural norms.
  • His own death seemed like a failure, but it was the greatest success in human history.

Jesus ushered in what Donald Kraybill has called “the upside-down Kingdom,” where the poor are blessed, captives are released, where the blind receive sight, and the oppressed go free!

Too often we forget that rejection or failure can be turned upside down. Sometimes those who have been criticized and even “voted out” come back to lead a church or an organization. In God’s economy the stone that the builders rejected can become the capstone. Even when we do our best, life may sometimes seem like a failure. God can turn it upside down. He can bring success.


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