Hide and Seek

February 20th, 2012

RG AUDIO 022012Psalm 139:1-12

I crouched between a dozen dresses, three pairs of shoes, and some stuffed animals. I was certain my friend would never find me inside the closet. But no sooner had a minute passed when the closet doors were opened, dresses parted, and the blanket pushed aside to reveal my surprised face at being discovered so quickly.

Because Hide and Seek is a children’s game, I’m often amazed at how many adults are still playing it . . . with each other—and unfortunately—even with God. If we’re genuinely maturing in our faith, we’ll come to realize that being “found” is a wonderful thing! The fact is God always knows where we are and everything about us is comforting. For the totally surrendered disciple, this brings divine protection and guidance. But for the nominal Christian who is still playing games with the Creator, it will spell frustration and resistance to know that nothing can be hidden from God.

Our heavenly Father yearns for intimacy with his children.


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