The First GPS

February 15th, 2012

RG AUDIO 021512

Psalm 105:37-45

Recently, a new AndroidTM phone hit the market. The company touted a slide-out keyboard, a fast processor, and a pocket-size design. One of the great features is the GPS. Speeding cross country, this handheld black box of knowledge directs to the nearest restaurant, service station, or RV park.

However, this is nothing to compare to the age old GPS (God’s Positioning System) that brought Israel out of Egypt.

God remembered his promise to his chosen ones. His provisions satisfied and rewarded them. God did not simply bring them out of bondage. He brought them from afflictions to advancement. God performs this same miracle in the lives of those who seek release from the bondage of sin. Their lives are forever changed and blessed with his provisions of forgiveness and grace.

Just as God desired obedience from Israel, he desires obedience today.

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