True Worship

November 20th, 2011

RG AUDIO 1120Psalm 108

My eyes scanned the congregation and I spotted her. She couldn’t have been more than eight years old and it was obvious she was different than the other children. With eyes closed and hands stretched toward the sky, she sang with everything she had in her. She wasn’t showing off her singing voice. She wasn’t concerned about “looking spiritual.” She just expressed the love for God that was in her heart. Truly, she offered a glimpse of true worship for all of us that morning.

The psalmist makes it clear that worshiping God is not optional; rather, it is a natural extension of our relationship with him. As adults, we can sometimes get caught up in what everyone else thinks, worrying about how we look during worship on Sunday mornings. “Will people think I’m odd?” “Would raising my hands draw attention to me?” We’re more worried about what others think than the opinion of the one we should really care about—God.

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus commanded us to “become like little children.” Let’s take a cue from children like my young friend this Sunday morning and make worship about God, not us.


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