Choose Wisely

November 15th, 2011


Joshua 6:6-14

These days, my husband is passing on his love for the “Star Wars” movies to our son. Watching the cinematic display of space ships, battling robots, and talking Muppets, we’ve noticed a gem of wisdom. In one scene, Yoda, the wise teacher, gives advice to the movie’s hero, Luke Skywalker. He says, “Do or do not. There is no ‘try.’”

The same thing is true in our lives. When God gives us a command, we either obey or disobey. When Joshua ordered the Israelites to march around the city, Scripture is unclear how much time elapsed between Joshua’s command and the Israelite’s action. They had a choice. Trust God and their leader and “do,” or turn around and spend more time in the desert, “not doing”—

potentially missing the miracle God provided for them. Fortunately, they obeyed and God proved his faithfulness.

We all have a choice whether to “do or do not” when it comes to God. Sometimes his commands don’t make sense. Sometimes his plans seem strange. Nevertheless, he is always faithful.

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