A Growing Intimacy

October 13th, 2011


Psalm 139:1-12

At one time in my life, the awareness that God was present everywhere filled me with apprehension. Like some kind of vengeful judge, I believed he had written down every failure, and would one day bring them up against me.

As I walked in faith with a God I couldn’t always understand, I began to see through different eyes. In prayer I acknowledged my limited viewpoint, and his all-seeing wisdom. I realized my finite experience was not at odds with God’s infinite love for me.

Life with God doesn’t always work the way I think it should. High expectations slam against the reality of personal weaknesses and unwelcome surprises. It was sometimes hard to feel his presence during those times.

God has, however, gone to great lengths to make himself known to us: through the Bible, the prophets, and finally his Son. His Spirit draws us to him.


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