The Opposition

September 11th, 2011


Exodus 6:28-7:7

Pharaoh was not going down without a fight. He had too much invested in a reputation and lifestyle balanced on the backs of the Hebrew slaves. After all, he was likely the most powerful man in the world. Why would he grant a request that would change all that?

Just to thicken the plot some, let’s throw in a bunch of plagues, like the river Nile turning to blood. Or how about frogs, lice, flies, boils, hail, locusts, and darkness? This was quite a power struggle. All the authority, power, and determination of a potentate with his heels dug in against Almighty God.

Did we think it was going to be easy? The powers of this world (and the powers of darkness) are deeply invested in the control they think they have in this world. They won’t be going down without a fight! On our own, we are no match for them.

This is what we know. God has called us to be part of his mission in the world. The victory belongs to God alone!


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