Simple Obedience

September 10th, 2011


Exodus 6:28-7:7

Boldness without obedience can be a problem. When it comes to the things of the kingdom of God, anything we try to do on our own outside of responsive obedience to God is a problem.

Think of Peter. He wanted so much to prove his loyalty to Jesus that he inevitably missed what the Lord was calling him to do–cutting off the ear of the high priest’s servant; refusing to allow the Master to wash his feet; or advising Jesus not to go to Jerusalem. Peter was bold all right, but it was not until he came to the end of himself and learned to rely completely on God that he was fit for service of the kingdom.

Moses knew this from the start. He knew that his only hope was to depend completely upon God. His sense of personal inadequacy was compounded by his age. He was 80 and Aaron was 83 when they went before Pharaoh. But all that didn’t really matter because they knew that in the final analysis the battle was the Lord’s. Their job was simply to trust and obey.

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