The Ordinary and the Extraordinary

September 7th, 2011


Exodus 4:1-17

God uses the ordinary things of life to accomplish the extraordinary things of the kingdom.

God told Moses to throw his staff on the ground and it became a snake. When God told him to pick it up by its tail, it became a staff again. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? But the point here is not that Moses was endowed with superhuman magical powers, but rather that God uses the ordinary things of life to accomplish his purposes.

Think about it for a minute. In the beginning, God breathed life into the dust of the ground to create Adam. When the multitudes following Jesus were hungry, he fed over 5,000 with a boy’s lunch. These are pretty ordinary things we’re talking about.

God’s ways are not our ways. We are tempted to think we need lots of power, influence, and money in the bank to do God’s work. But God invites ordinary people like you and me with our very ordinary resources to participate in the work of his extraordinary mission in the world.


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