Nighttime Fears

September 3rd, 2011


Psalm 77:1-12

Problems grow in the dark. I found myself waking in the middle of the night, cares and concerns spinning in my mind. Had I given the right advice to the couple who came for counsel? Why had the church leader who was usually vocal and supportive suddenly silent? Was I spending enough time with my family? What about devotional time with God in his Word? On and on it went in an escalating cycle.

“I cried out to God for help” (v. 1a), one by one I lifted my burdens to God in prayer. Tears coursed across the bridge of my nose.

Scenes of spiritual victory came to mind as I lifted my heart in praise. God would show his favor again. His love and promises would not fail. God would remain merciful. The years “of the right hand of the Most High” were not past (v. 10b). Now I could rest in peace, my eyes closed in rest. My problems like shadows vanished in the light of his faithful love.


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