Be Safe, Be Holy

August 28th, 2011

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Romans 15:23-33

After a visit with my favorite uncle, I look forward to his parting words. They are always the same. “Be safe,” and he hugs me on my way.

I have no sense of having been commanded to do something, just a warm knowing that my uncle who loves me wishes me a safe journey until I come back to him.

Why is it, then, when our Lord says, “Be kind” or “Be holy,” that we bristle, if ever so slightly, as though we fear our longings or dreams of success will be impeded? He who loves us all with an everlasting love surely speaks in the same vein as my uncle.

He desires our eternal well being, but without “holiness no one will see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14b). We who are “poor in spirit” are fortunate (blessed) because he makes us whole (see Matt. 5:3). He demands obedience, but his “yoke is easy . . . [his] burden is light” (Matt. 11:30). His perfect will worked in us is designed for our peace, for our joy.


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