Feeding Three

August 23rd, 2011

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Matthew 25:31-46

A saintly old cobbler learned that he was to receive a visit from the Lord. Though poor, he determined to entertain the Lord with the best hospitality he could manage. He bought a loaf of fine bread, a fragrant log to make a fire, and a new pair of shoes for the Master’s feet. As he waited, a starving child came to his door. In pity he gave away the loaf of bread. When a freezing old woman knocked, the cobbler made a fire with the fragrant log. To a young man with bruised and bleeding feet he gave the fine shoes.

By nightfall the cobbler was disappointed that the Lord had not yet visited him. “Why have you not come?” he prayed. But Jesus responded, “I did come–three times. I was the hungry child, the freezing woman, and the man with no shoes.”

Jesus teaches us to care for others.


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