Winter Is A Season

July 31st, 2011

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Psalm 86

It is cold and the snow is deep in Alaska. As I write it is February. After several days of warmer temperatures, it has become more seasonal. Though it is freezing and snowing, folks don’t mind the harsh weather as much as they did in September. Summer will come and warmth will return. This devotional thought is for the end of July. By then the snow and ice will be a memory. How do we know? God said we would have summer and winter (Gen. 8:22). No matter how deep the snow or low the temperature, it will eventually get warm again.

As sure as spring and summer follow winter, God is faithful. He guards our lives (Ps. 86:2). He brings joy (v. 4). He answers when we call (v. 7). The psalmist trusted God and prayed for an undivided heart (v. 11). We can trust God. Every trial, no matter how difficult, and every sorrow, no matter how painful, is temporary. The Son of Righteousness will come forth, and winter’s spell will be broken, not for a season, but forever.


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