Done With Sin

July 5th, 2011

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Romans 6:8-14

How do you see yourself? The Bible says we are to count ourselves dead to sin.

Stan and his wife live in a large apartment complex. All the apartment units open to the outside. Most residents have a doormat at the entrance to their home. Their doormat says, “Welcome to Our Home.” Some simply say, “Welcome.” Some say nothing at all. They are simply a place to wipe your feet. Recently I saw one that so shocked me I stopped for a moment. The mat had one word: “Leave.” I was not sure if the person simply had a unique sense of humor or if they were antisocial. Whatever the truth is I have continued to think about that.

There are times, as Christians, when we need that kind of doormat at the entrance of our heart. That needs to be our attitude toward Satan and temptation. The problem is that often we still want to consider sin or listen to Satan’s temptation. We must count ourselves dead to sin. Satan needs to know that he is never welcome at our door.


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