Trust Me

June 22nd, 2011

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Romans 4:13-25

Have you ever tried to explain faith to someone? Any definition ends up sounding a bit loony to those who don’t believe. It’s irrational. Trusting in something that we can’t touch doesn’t make logical sense. I’ve caught myself trying to explain faith before, and I can recall my words even now. It’s amazing that God can restore my feeble attempts back to memory.

“Just fall backward and I’ll catch you. I promise!” You remember the “trust me” game don’t you? Someone closes their eyes and falls back into the arms of the person behind them. It’s a silly game that demonstrates our trust levels. Inevitably, there was always one that thought it would be funny to wait until the last possible second to catch the one who is falling. Sometimes, we feel like this with God. We can’t see him, so we’re hesitant to trust in him. We are programmed to doubt.

In the moments I feel alone, I remember that God is always faithful. He will always catch me.


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