Eternal Investment

June 18th, 2011

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Matthew 22:34-46

Wanda knew her marriage was in trouble but she continued to invest her whole heart in it to make it work. One day she received a message from her husband asking her to meet him at her close friend’s house. When she arrived her husband presented her with divorce papers and told her he was going to marry her close friend. All the love she’d lavished on her husband was discarded.

God’s love is the only love that never lets us down. It builds, strengthens, and nurtures us into people who experience wholeness in Christ. In this world we will have trouble, but who we turn to in our time of need makes all the difference. Wanda turned to Jesus, surrendered her pain to him, and placed her whole heart in the trustworthy hands of the One who loved her first.

When we give our whole heart, soul, and mind to loving God however, we will know deep satisfaction with an eternal investment.

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