Glorifying God or His Gifts?

June 13th, 2011

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Romans 1:18-32

As a visitor Richard was encouraged to see the enthusiasm of these people, but it was not to be. After 45 minutes of praise and worship the crowd was silent as two women walked to the front and placed baskets in front of the pastor. He acknowledged their gifts and addressed the crowd. “This is the day for you to receive your miracle. If you are ready for your miracle, bring forth your gifts.” Nearly everyone present went forward and set their gifts before the pastor who pronounced a blessing over them.

This type of service has become a trend in Kenya among the individually “owned” ministries. If a church does not have regular evidence of material blessings it is perceived to be a place where God does not work. Instead of an emphasis on proclaiming the gospel in these churches there is a focus on performing “miracles.”

If we seek God’s gifts instead of him, we have created an idol. True worship focuses on God as the object of our adoration.

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