Payday is Coming

June 4th, 2011

RG AUDIO 060411

Romans 2:1-16

A memorable sermon from the 20th century by the Southern Baptist pastor R. G. Lee, “Payday Someday,” highlights four characters: Naboth, an Israelite who owned a vineyard; Ahab, the king of Israel who coveted the vineyard; Jezebel, Ahab’s wicked and idolatrous queen; and Elijah, God’s prophet. In the biblical story the king and queen conspire to murder Naboth and seize his land. When Ahab goes to inspect the stolen property he is confronted by Elijah with a message from God: he and his wife will both die for the evil they have done. Years go by and nothing seems to happen to Ahab or Jezebel. Has God forgotten? No, their judgments came suddenly and violently. Lee exclaims, “‘Payday Someday’ God said it–and it was done!”

The only way for people to avoid God’s wrath is to receive the redemption offered to all who repent and believe in Christ.


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