Eagerly Watching

May 27th, 2011

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Luke 15:11-24

Parents watch for their children’s return. We listen for their cars to crunch the gravel of the driveway. We rush forward to hug and kiss our precious children.

Some of us wait for children to return from overseas. Whether they serve in the military or the mission field, we eagerly wait for them to come home. Sometimes we wait for our children to return to faith.

Although the father of the prodigal allowed his son to leave and make his own choices, he eagerly watched for his son’s return. We can imagine how many prayers this father offered for his son, how many days he searched the road for a sign. Finally, his prayers were answered. The father saw his boy and ran to embrace him.

God eagerly watches for his children to repent and come home. Even while they’re a long way off, he anticipates their return and waits to embrace them.


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