Just Through The Closet

May 23rd, 2011

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Isaiah 55:6-13

Most parents experience the phenomenon of sleeping yet listening for their babies. We are never truly unconscious while our children are in the house. Even when they’re grown, visiting, or staying with us temporarily, we listen for them in the quiet hours of the night. We want to know if they’re sick or if they need something we can provide. We never lose the ability to listen for our children.

Isaiah reminds us that God is also a listening parent. He wants us to seek him and call out to him. Although he is holy and we may feel unworthy of his attention, he is available. God hears when we cry out to him. No request is too small. In fact, God confirmed his desire to listen and respond in Psalm 81:7. “In your distress you called and I rescued you.”

Just as mothers sprint to the nursery, God hurries to rescue us. All we need to do is call.


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