Pray For Increasing Faith

May 17th, 2011

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Luke 22:31-38

We are tempted to make a prayer wish list and expect an automatic response, like a soda machine. Put in the coins and push the buttons. When what we wish for does come instantly, we tend to give up on prayer and stop believing in the power of God.

Fear and doubt can weaken our faith in God. Pressures of life can also strengthen or weaken our faith. The erosion of our faith can come from disappointment, illness, broken relationships, family crisis, personal failures, unrealistic expectation, and financial hardship. We need to pray for God to increase our faith so that the storms of life will not falter our faith.

A strong faith in God helps us see opportunities in the midst of challenges, to replace fear and doubts with peace, and have confident assurance that God will never let us go. Ask God to increase your faith.


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