Called to Love

May 5th, 2011

RG AUDIO 050511

Luke 6:12-26

Out of the large group of disciples, Jesus called 12 to be apostles. These 12 were to carry on the leadership of his Church once Jesus was resurrected. We are called to express God’s love to others. We are to do this by turning the world’s standards upside down.

Instead of seeking fame and fortune, we are to honor the poor. Instead of playing it safe, we are to speak out boldly for the Lord and what is right.

Where do we put our hope and concentrate our life? Is it on Christ and his values, or do we dabble in the world while keeping one foot in Christianity? William Barclay put it this way, “If you take the world’s way, you must abandon the values of Christ. If you take Christ’s way, you must abandon the values of the world.”

The challenge of Christ’s teaching asks the question of whether we will be happy in the world or in Christ.


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