Stand Firm

April 15th, 2011


Luke 21:5-24

Building magnificent structures has captured the imagination of people across the centuries. The tower of Babel, the temple at Jerusalem, and giant skyscrapers all give testimony of the human desire to build.

I have etched in my memory the climb to The Citadel, a mountaintop fortress in northern Haiti. This massive stone structure, built two centuries ago, is a curious reminder of one man’s desire to build.

The disciples observe the beauty of the temple. Jesus uses this moment to remind them that while they stand in awe of what they see, these massive stones, this sacred place will not stand forever. He goes on to say that much of what they value and count on will be shaken.

But a word of help and hope is sounded. Something can stand firm–you!

Jesus speaks of dark days that shake us to the core. Still, standing firm in his love and care is our hope and our life.

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