Cheers And Tears

April 11th, 2011


Luke 19:28-44

Large crowds jammed into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Locals and early guests would often line the road to welcome family members and catch a glimpse of celebrities journeying to the holy city.

Jesus comes up the road riding a donkey. The king of the universe making his appearance on a borrowed animal. The response was spontaneous. Coats on the roadway gave him a red-carpet welcome. Voices raised to the heavens sounded royal praise. The king had come, so cries of “Peace in heaven!” and “Glory in the highest!” were appropriate. Hope filled the air. Surely Jesus was about to change the political landscape.

Cheers in his ears turn to tears on his cheek. His heart was heavy because of the destruction of sin. His grief spilled out of his eyes.

We have much to cheer about. Yet, the darkness of our world still demands our tears. The world needs peace.

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