What Do You Pray For?

April 5th, 2011


Luke 18:1-8

The listening crowd knew a heartless judge like the one Jesus described. But the heroine, a persistent widow, might have been a novelty. The law said she should get justice, but imagining her hammering away mercilessly at the judge.

Jesus’ stories always have a purpose. We are told he wants his disciples to know that persistence is a key part of praying. He illustrates his point by contrast. You know about evil judges who don’t care about you; but your good God brings justice, hears your cries, and does not put you off. So, pray persistently.

Be careful not to miss the context. This is not an invitation to pray selfishly persistent prayers; it is about justice. We are to pray and not give up that wrong would be righted in our world. Persistence in praying for people we love and our needs is not a hard matter. Yet, are we willing to stay persistent in praying about matters of injustice near and far?

What has God laid on your heart that is wrong and broken in the world? Pray, and then pray again.


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