The Controlling Christ

March 30th, 2011


Luke 9:37-45

Have you ever had a day when it seemed everything went wrong? The disciples had witnessed and performed great miracles, but on this day there was chaos. Before them was a desperate father and uncontrollable son who was seized by an evil spirit. At any given moment, the boy would throw himself to the ground, begin shaking violently with convulsions, and foam at the mouth. The disciples had desperately tried everything, but nothing worked.

Then came Jesus! The son’s father pleaded for help, and Christ took control of the situation. With authority, he called for the evil spirit to show its power and then rebuked it. Suddenly there was peace, and Christ handed the healed boy back to his father.

Does your life feel out of control? Have you desperately tried everything and still can’t find peace?

Bring Jesus into the picture.

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