The Compassionate Christ

March 28th, 2011


Luke 7:11-17

Psychologists report one of the key ingredients for children to thrive and develop is the security of knowing they are loved. Each one of us possesses a deep longing to be loved that is best demonstrated by a compassionate heart. The very nature of Christ is love, and the result of a sanctified heart is pure love.

Compassion is understood as feeling for those less fortunate. Jesus went where the needs were. “Jesus went to a town called Nain” (v. 11). On the way, he came upon a funeral procession. He saw a mother who had no one–no husband and no other sons. She had no one to support and love her as a son would. Jesus saw her tears, heard her sobs, and “his heart went out to her” (v. 13). Jesus’ compassion moved him to do what he alone could do.

We must actively practice compassion and go where the needs are. Then our hearts will go out to them.


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  1. Ruth R. Mangru Says:

    March 28th, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    We are glad that we can down load “Reflecting God ” on the computer. We are living in the last days and the gospel needs to get to this ends of the earth. So this is good way to help speed the gospel. I will share the e-mail address with the church members, so that they can read what is available to all of us now.

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