I Love You More Than…

March 19th, 2011

Psalm 116

One of my favorite games is “I love you more than . . .” My boys and I compete by declaring our enormous love for each other. Some of my better offerings have been “I love you more than all the snowflakes” or “more than all the sand pebbles on the sea shore.” Not to be outdone, my boys have loved me “more than all the poopy diapers in the world.” It’s amazing what a child thinks there is a lot of in the world.

The writer of Psalm 116 is trying to say thanks to God for answered prayer. God has listened, delivered, protected, loosened bonds, and shown mercy.
How does God like to be loved or thanked? I’m guessing God prefers vibrant worship, neighbor love, enemy peace-making, hands-on help, a humble spirit, transformed thinking, and faithful living. But then, God may enjoy a game of “I love you more than . . .” Be prepared to be overwhelmed.


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