Forgiven Seven Times A Day

March 18th, 2011


Luke 17:1-10

In Luke 17, Jesus commands his disciples to forgive someone who sins against them seven times a day. I’d be exhausted keeping track of the exchanges. Thankfully, this person has seen the error of his ways and has come with hat in hand to repent for wrongdoing. It’s lots easier to forgive repentant people. But wouldn’t you think they would learn not to sin after seven daily repentance trips?

We need more faith than normal to deal with being sinned against. Our dictionary of grievous sins is complete with names and faces. Still, the way of Jesus is to forgive the sinners, which should be easy because it places us in the upper position of a judge over their wrong-doing, and the giver of their needed forgiveness. Isn’t power a wonderful thing to have in a human transaction?

Maybe that’s why we need our faith increased, so that we can forgive like God forgives.


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