Some Bad Weed

March 12th, 2011


Revelation 1:4-18

I told Charlie to read the book of John. This one-day-old new Christian did what I told him to do. But Charlie had little acquaintance with the Bible. When he looked in the listing of biblical books, he saw the gospel of John, the three letters of John, and the Revelation of Jesus to John. Not knowing which one I meant, he read all of them the night he was saved. When he called the next morning, his report went something like this: “In the gospel of John, Jesus did some great stuff for people. In those little Johns, it’s all about love. But in that Revolution of John (his title for the book), I think that guy got some bad weed.”

Others have made even less sense out of the last book of the Bible. It is the story of Jesus, the slain Lamb of God, who will have the final word over all evil powers–political, economic, and beastly. And those who side with the Lamb, while participating in his suffering, will taste the freedom, glory, and power of God.

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