The Shelter Who Seeks Us

March 2nd, 2011


Psalm 18:1-19

We spent most of the day climbing the trail toward the continental divide. Early in the afternoon, we crossed the final snowfield high above the tree line, gaining the summit. Our joy did not last. To the west, a wall of dark clouds rapidly bore down on us. Flashes of lightning shone like bright teeth in the mouth of a snarling wolf. There was no cover. Our only hope was to retreat back down the mountain.

As we turned, a rocky prominence nearby was struck by lightning. We scrambled to the safety of the trees.

Psalm 18 is set against the story of David the fugitive. There was only one refuge, “the LORD.” Unlike a place of physical refuge that must be sought, the Lord “parted the heavens and came down.” This refuge seeks us. The Lord envelops us with his power. The day of our disaster becomes the day of our deliverance.

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