Cool Under Pressure

February 26th, 2011


Psalm 35:19-28

Pastor Jim is one of my heroes. I have never seen him lose his smile, even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. I traveled with him for months at a time. I witnessed the way he responded to criticism, bad news, bad tempers, and naughty people. He always stayed calm and prayerful, and his demeanor always helped the people and the situation around him.

Many of us sail along calmly when the waters of life are calm. However when turbulence strikes, some of us panic and behave in unhealthy and even ungodly ways. David was aware and prayerful about this human condition. Under severe attack and mockery, David pleaded for God to judge and keep his heart according to his righteousness. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, David’s soul was to be kept blameless and his enemies wouldn’t have a reason to further attack him.

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