Symbol Of Readiness

February 24th, 2011


1 Thessalonians 5:4-11

I am thankful for the dashboard indicators on my car. I have the tendency to refill when the fuel gauge is below a quarter of a tank. I wait for the last hundred miles to get ready for an oil change. You get the point. These indicators help me care for my vehicle, and they are extremely helpful.

God has placed similar indicators in our lives. They help us stay ready. As his children, we should not be surprised by the day of the Lord’s coming. As children of light, we are to walk in the light, to ensure that he calls us to exercise self-control, faith, and love. These disciplines help us to be alert, alive, and ready. They keep our lives from slipping. They allow the Spirit of God to take full control of our daily walk.

God’s design for us all is that we enjoy the fullness of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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