Not Without Cost

February 4th, 2011


Romans 6:15-23

“There is a price for everything, and everything has a price!” was the father’s response to the child’s complaint. His son wanted to be chosen for the team; but when practice time came around, the little boy dragged his feet. Had he applied himself, he may have stood a chance; but he was unwilling to tie himself down with the daily discipline.

How true is this in our efforts to live blameless lives? We want to do what is right. We want to be righteous, to be considered noble and of good character, but each of these qualities are achieved over time. Living each day, each moment as faithfully as we can has restrictions, boundaries, and daily disciplines. Now that we have been set free, the investment of our energy, time, resources, and interest needs to be redirected.

Bound once to sin, we chained ourselves to certain death. Now bound to Christ, we receive life abundantly–but not without cost.

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