January 30th, 2011


1 Corinthians 12:1-11

This week, the surgeon informed my mother that she needed a knee replacement. Her whole body knows that her knee is in trouble. In fact, her body thinks her knee is getting too much attention.

Today as you go to your house of worship, pay particular attention to “the body of Christ.” As you enter, you may notice someone using a walker slowly making his way to the front door. As he does, a preschooler dashes in front of him. Her parents are embarrassed and reprimand their careless child. The greeter, perhaps a widow, hands you the church bulletin and asks how your spouse is doing. Next you may hear the loud rumble of teenagers bounding down the stairs, engrossed in their own conversations. In the nursery, you may peek at the babies and observe new parents heading to their Sunday School class. In class, you probably hear praises and the prayer requests. Some are seeking jobs, someone’s cousin was just diagnosed with cancer.

This is a snapshot of “the body of Christ.” Each part is worthy of attention.

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