Righteous Indignation – Kind of

January 29th, 2011


1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Donna made me mad. Well maybe not mad, but really disgusted. It wasn’t because she was the smartest in the class, gave the best presentations, and had the highest score on every exam. I was upset because Donna never participated in any class discussion. She sat quietly while others discussed concepts and ideas. One day, I confronted her. “Donna, it is not fair that you do not share your ideas with the class. You know the material and still you don’t enter into the discussion. You are being selfish.”

Some Christians, like Donna, have received gifts by the Spirit and yet are reluctant to use them. How often are these words spoken, “What a pity . . .
. . . there is no one to teach the two-year-olds.”
. . . there just isn’t enough money to purchase the items missionaries need.”
. . . no one ever invites others to their home for dinner.”

What gifts have you been given by the Spirit? Are you developing and using these gifts?

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