Least Favorite Task

January 25th, 2011


Ecclesiastes 4:7-12

I bet you love to clean the garage as much as I do. Just kidding! Several summers ago, I returned to my home town to help my sister clean her garage. It was a necessity because she was getting new garage doors. There was no way the company hired to install the doors was going to come near that garage the way it was. Where does one start cleaning out years and years of supposed treasures?

By the end of the week, sore, exhausted, hot, and dirty, we accomplished our mission. The garage was organized and almost ready for a neighborhood open house. However, we accomplished more by doing it together.

We had plenty of time to talk. We had to problem-solve and figure out what to do with all the treasures. We burned up calories lifting, tugging, and pulling. We had fun as items brought back memories of our childhood, our siblings, and our parents.

As I boarded the plane to return home, I admonished her not to let stuff accumulate again. Now to my garage . . .


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