Peace and Edification

January 22nd, 2011


Romans 14:19-15:6

Have you ever tried to get five or six friends to decide on where to go for dinner? We often look to our needs, wants, and desires more than those of others.

If it is that difficult to settle on dinner, how can we manage “peace and mutual edification” when we live in competition? We understand in our adversarial world: if you win, I lose; and if I win, you lose. How can we both win?

If most modern families cannot manage any sense of consensual cooperation with overfilled schedules and the thousands of demands that make us frenzied. Where can we find agreement? With differing theological traditions, where can we find agreement with other believers?

Perhaps we can begin at the most basic, tangible elements of faith: Jesus is Lord, he is risen from the dead, and is coming again to claim all that is rightfully his as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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