Who Am I to Argue with God?

January 19th, 2011


Acts 11:1-18

Why do “church people” sometimes behave in such an un-Christian manner? Why do we often appear to be narrow, mean, and graceless when we should be the most functional, healthy, grace-filled people in the world? Do we treat unbelievers better than fellow Christians because they have a slightly different tradition or expression of worship?

Peter had the sense to realize Christ was working in the hearts and lives of all manner of people who were not part of the Hebrew covenant. Jesus made the same offer of love, forgiveness, grace, and relationship through the indwelling presence of his Holy Spirit. When Christ found us, we were sinners.

The Lord loves exquisite diversity. He has no “one size fits all,” as He seeks us out one at a time. We love and serve the same Lord, receive the same gift of grace, are filled with the same Spirit, but each of us is as different and unique as a fingerprint.

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