Not A Day Goes By

December 13th, 2010


Matthew 1:18-25

Quoting the promise in Isaiah 7:14, Matthew celebrates the awesome news that God has crossed the spiritual/physical divide. The heavenly God became an earthly man–fully human and yet fully divine. God joined our earthly journey and experienced life like us.

What amazing love! The Son of God empties himself and puts on our skin. He walks in our streets, live our days, and know our trials and triumphs! He did not have to do it. He did it out of pure, perfect love.

This astounding news is not just for those who lived in Bible days. It is for us today. God is with us. When we are overwhelmed, Jesus is with us. When sorrow and loss come, when pain crushes our spirit and resolve, his Spirit is with us to heal, comfort, and bring us his peace.

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