Fear Not

November 5th, 2010


Joel 2:18-27

Good news! The Lord hears our cries for help! Several times God tells us, “Do not be afraid.” Even though our skies are dark and the newscasts are frightening, God hears us and tells us not to worry. He has the power to rescue us. Perhaps you face a personal battle that seems overwhelming. The God who drives invading armies back from His land can and will deliver you from the enemy that seeks your defeat.

God is in the restoration business! What was ruined by natural disaster or by armies will again be fruitful and green.

Many of us have experienced “locust years,” years wasted because of poor choices and rebellion against God. We may despair because there is no fruit, nothing good that has come out of our living. God takes pity on our sincere repentance and promises to restore us and our future.

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